You must have read a lot about Luxemburg, especially if you are a European. We all know what the city is all about and we all know what position it holds in Europe. In this article we will be looking into Luxembourg in a different way. We will be analyzing the country from the perspective of Tourism. There are several tourist destinations that can be found in Luxembourg today. Some of these destinations are more related to recreation and there are many others that are associated with history.


Luxembourg and its Tourist Opportunities:

In this article we will give you a brief description about some of the most well-known Tourist destinations of Luxembourg. Some of these tourist destinations are discussed in the points below.

  • Bock: It is actually a high land which is located in the north-eastern side of the famous Luxembourg City. To be exact it is situated in historical district of the city. According to historical records this is the exact place where Count Siegfried constructed his famous Lucilinburhuc castle back in the year 963. The place is rich with historical castles and fortifications hence it is an ideal destination for history lovers.
  • Grand Ducal Palace: It is well known place located in the south of Luxembourg. The place is considered as the Grand Duke’s official residence. The palace is a popular tourist destination and people from all walks of life whether residents or locals visit this place. It’s a nice place to have a short photo session at.
  • Mudam: It is the abbreviation for The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art. As the name suggests it is basically a museum where modern art is exhibited. The Museum is located at the south of Luxembourg. The Museum is very near to the Fort Thüngen which itself is located in the north eastern side of the city.
  • Place d’Armes: It is a famous square which is located in the heart of the Luxembourg City. The square is situated at the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s south. Originally the square was the parade ground, however today it’s a tourist destination visited by both visitors as well as the locals. There are some well-knownrestaurants as well which surround the square today.


  • National Museum of History and Art: As the name suggests, it is well known museum which is situated at the south of Luxembourg City. The Museum is an ideal place to visit for people who are fond of Art work. The Museum can be found in the Fish Market which itself is a historical place.
  • Fort Thüngen: It is a well-known and historically rich fortification in the Luxembourg City. The Fort Thüngen is also referred to as Three Acorns. Though many of the fortresses are no longer their however many of these demolished fortresses have been reconstructed now. Overall the place is worthy for a visit.


Hi there! Going on a vacation is the most interesting part of life and it gets more interesting if you add in a great plan of making it pass over more and more places. In other words, plan a visit to Europe and visit the important places and cities of the continent rather than going to only a single city and observe everything in it.

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