Germany is precisely located in the western region of Europe and is home to some of the best facilities which are essential for quality life. Germany is home to some wonderful forests, mountains, beaches and rivers. The capital of Germany is Berlin which itself has a rich history behind it especially related to the Second World War. According to the last held census, the population of Germany stands at 80.62 million. Germany is also a place which is being visited by people across the world for tourism purposes. There are plenty of places in Germany which hold significant position as far as tourism is concerned.


Places worthy of Tourism: Germany

Germany is a popular place as far as tourism is concerned; in this article we will discuss some of the most famous tourist attractions of Germany. Naturally all of the tourist attractions cannot be discussed here as for that an entire book is required. However we will briefly look into some major ones here.  These attractions are discussed in the headings below

  • Brandenburg Gate: The Brandenburg Gate is a historical gate which was constructed back in the year 1791 for the famous King Frederick William II. The gate is located in Berlin which is also the capital of Germany. The gate is the first neoclassical structure in Germany and this is the main reason behind its fame. The height of the monumentalBrandenburg Gate is approximately 26 meters. The gate was previously the part and parcel of the Berlin wall. There is no concrete reason why one should not visit this fantastic place
  • The Black Forest: The most visited place in Europe that also falls into the upland category is the black forest. The black forest is home to wooded hills which are dense. The forest is located in Germany’s south western corner. The place is an ideal place for hiking maniacs. The must visit places of black forest are Todtnau, Baden-Baden and Bad Liebenzell which is a wonderful resort as well. Another attractive location of the area is the Open Air Museum.


  • Neuschwanstein: It is one of most frequently visited places of Germany and is considered as one of the most popular castle that currently exists in Europe. The castle was constructed back in the year 1869 by a famous king of Bavaria by the name of King Ludwig II. The castle is more like the one which is being depicted in Walt Disney Fairy Tales.
  • Rhine Valley: Rhine is considered as one of the most beautiful and essential waterway of Europe. The length of the River is 1,320 kilometers. The river is pretty huge and starts from Switzerland passing through Germany and concluding in Holland. The river is a perfect specimen for scenic beauty and the Rhine Valley is the place from where this scenic beauty can be enjoyed at its absolute zenith. The valley itself contains around 60 medieval towns and approximately 40 castles.

If your next vacation is nearby, then Germany is the place for which you need to plan for.



Hi there! Going on a vacation is the most interesting part of life and it gets more interesting if you add in a great plan of making it pass over more and more places. In other words, plan a visit to Europe and visit the important places and cities of the continent rather than going to only a single city and observe everything in it.

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