France is one of the most developed countries that currently Exists in Europe. The country has a rich history behind it whether it be related to Napoleon or whether it be related to world war1/2. Today France is also part of the European Union and is considered one of the most literate nations of the world. The facilities of life along with its wonderful tourist attractions make this country an ideal place to seek permanent residence in. France is also a place which is culturally very rich.



The tourism industry is taken very seriously nowadays by countries and there are many reasons behind this fact. However the two core reasons are

  • It helps in revenue generation
  • It enhances the country’s reputation in the world

France is no exception, being a developed country France has taken all the measures to keep its tourist secure. The country also has left no stone unturned as far as the preservation and maintenance of the tourist destinations is concerned. There are plenty of tourist destinations that currently exist in France. In this article we will briefly look into some of the most major tourist spots of this country.

Tourist Attractions:

Some of the most visited tourist destinations of France are as follows

  • Eiffel Tower: It is one of the most renowned tourist spot of France and it is sometimes also referred to as the “symbol of Paris”. The tower was constructed back in the year 1889 by Gustave Eiffel. The tower was basically the entrance arch constructed for the Paris’s international exhibition. The height of the tower is 324 meters which makes it the highest building currently existing in Paris. According to one stat, the tower has been toured by 200,000,000 people so far.
  • Chartres Cathedral: The Chartres Cathedral is situated in a very small city near Paris. The main feature of this Cathedral is its structure which involves adorned porches, vast nave, sculptures and glass windows of 13th
  • St Tropez: St Tropez is located near the French Riviera and is basically a resort community. Historically the community was a fishing village and military stronghold. Today however it has become a tourist spot having beaches and play grounds. It is a nice place for getting oneself involved in some recreational stuff.


  • Dune of Pyla: This beautiful tourist attraction can be found in the Arcachon Bay. It is actually a Dune which is considered as the tallest as far as Europe is concerned. The main feature of the area is pine forest and swallowed trees.
  • Palais des Papes: The place is one of the best gothic buildings of Europe. The place is rich with history as the famous popes of Avignon use to rule from here at the time when there was division in the papacy.

Your tour to France is incomplete without visiting these places. We hope that the article will help you as far as your tourism in France is concerned.



Hi there! Going on a vacation is the most interesting part of life and it gets more interesting if you add in a great plan of making it pass over more and more places. In other words, plan a visit to Europe and visit the important places and cities of the continent rather than going to only a single city and observe everything in it.

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