Usually when a person visits a particular country he or she does not have the time to visit all the cities. Rather usually the case is that such a person only visits some of the most popular tourist locations of a particular metropolitan in which he is staying in. Well this article is not been written for such people. Rather this article is helpful for all those people who are ready to spend good enough time in France and who at least have plans to visit more than one city. In this article we will be briefly describing some of the must visit cities in France.


Places or Cities that are worth visiting in France:

We will be briefly discussing some of the cities here, as a detailed description will prolong this article. Our plan is to provide you valuable and rich information in a concise way. The cities which you need to tour in France are as follows

  • Brittany: Brittany is one of the most popular regions of France; overall France has 18 different regions. The capital of the Region is Rennes and the region covers an area of 27,208 km². As per the last held census, the population of Brittany stands at 3.273 million. The region is home to coastal scenery which is spectacular in nature.  The region is home to beautiful bays, beaches and cliffs which are towering. The region consists of little villages and deep forests.
  • Paris: Paris is concerned one of the major cities in Europe and is also the capital of France. The city is a center of Gastronomy, culture and fashion. The mean features of the city are its boulevards. The city is also home to the famous landmark of France known as the Eiffel Tower. Some other places which are worth visiting in Paris are Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame Cathedral and Louvre Museum.


  • Normandy: The region of Normandy is located at the northern side of France. Some of the most important hall marks of Normandy are Omaha beach, WWII beachheads and white-chalk cliffs. The region is a nice place to visit, especially when one intends to relax him or herself. The region has a huge historical importance as well due to the battle of Normandy which took place here. There are many museums and monuments in the region which are associated with the battle of Normandy.
  • Provence: The region is considered as the province of north eastern France. The main hall marks of the region are Aix en Provence, the famous bridge of Avignon and papal palace. The region is also home to several monuments as well.

These were some of the major locations which one must visit in France if he or she fully wants to explore the country. We have given a brief description in this article, however through a nice Google search you can explore more about these cities and regions. We hope that the article will be helpful for our readers.



Hi there! Going on a vacation is the most interesting part of life and it gets more interesting if you add in a great plan of making it pass over more and more places. In other words, plan a visit to Europe and visit the important places and cities of the continent rather than going to only a single city and observe everything in it.

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