Luxemburg is located right in between Germany, Belgium and France. The country is one of the smallest as far as Europe is concerned. The country is rich with natural beauty and most of it is covered with rural areas. Luxembourg is overall a developed place and according to the last held census she is catering around 543,202 people. The common languages which are spoken in Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, German and French. The famous Moselle river valley is located in Luxembourg. Like most of the countries in Europe, Luxembourg is also home to some of the most fantastic tourist destinations. In this article we will look into some of these destinations.


Luxembourg and Tourism:

There are thousands of people from all over the world who visit Luxembourg solely for its tourist destinations. Each tourist destination in Luxemburg has something unique to offer. Some of these must visit tourist spots are as follows

  • The Old Quarter: The old quarter is precisely located in the Luxembourg City. The old quarter was named as a heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1994. The old quarter is a place which is full of historical fortresses. Nowadays we have some wonderful homes also constructed in the area which further increases the charm of this place.
  • Upper Sûre Natural Park: The Upper Sûre Natural Park is an ideal location for recreational activities. The park is home to beautiful plateaus and valleys that are equipped with slopes which are wooden. The park is an ideal place for watersports. Other offerings of the park are ecotourism and wildlife. There are walking tours also offered in the park nowadays which surely serves as an added value.
  • National Museum of History and Art: The National Museum of History and Art is an ideal place to visit if you want to see the rich history of Luxembourg. The Museum is located in the fish market area and is home to archeological findings, tools, furniture, arms, coins and many historical documents.


  • Bourscheid Castle:Bourscheid is the name of village which is located on a plateau. The two famous rivers of Wark and Sûre are also very close to the village. The main highlight of this village is the Bourscheid Castle. The structure of the castle is more like the ones which you see in the fairy tales of sleeping beauty and snow white. The castle was constructed back in the 10th The castle is open for tourism and visitors from all over the world visit this fantastic place.
  • The Luxembourg Ardennes: Ardennes is a wonderful place to visit and is home to some beautiful wooded hills, forested plateaus, hidden valleys and sheer cliffs. The place is historically very important as well. Ardennes was the place where Hitler had his last military campaign.

Luxembourg though is a small country however it is certainly not a bad place to visit for the purpose of tourism. The above mentioned places will give you a nice idea about the tourist attractions of this country.



Hi there! Going on a vacation is the most interesting part of life and it gets more interesting if you add in a great plan of making it pass over more and more places. In other words, plan a visit to Europe and visit the important places and cities of the continent rather than going to only a single city and observe everything in it.

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